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Press Release – Paying it Forward with Pizza during Midterm Elections

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Wisconsin’s largest municipal web design agency wanted to give back to the the municipal clerk and election workers at the towns, village and cities where midterm elections are held. It’s a hectic day for municipal clerks all across Wisconsin and other states in America, as most municipalities expect record turn out of voters in this November’s elections. Without a doubt, it’s probably the busiest day in the entire year for them.

Town Web Design, LLC wanted to pay it forward in a unique way that would be appreciated by those doing all the hard work. Company president, Dustin Overbeck, made a post on Facebook that he would have pizza delivered to the first 10 municipalities who applied. Within minutes, the first 10 slots were filled.

He edited the post that all slots were taken, but within an hour, 24 municipal clerks had filled out the form to apply for some free pizza!

Town of Marion Clerk, Vicki Snyder, mentioned that she had 10 election workers at the polling place in Wautoma, Wisconsin. She was excited to hear that she was one of the early applications who got in on the #ElectionDayPizza opportunity. She wrote, “Thank you so much! Our elections workers have been ‘nose to the grindstone’ since the polls opened at 7:00 a.m. Very, very busy election day, the traffic is non-stop! They are delighted and energized for the afternoon!”

Several other municipalities posted to their public municipal facebook page giving thanks, including the City of Chetek. The City of Chetek has a public municipal website, but also complements it by using their public Facebook page to crosspost notices of events useful to residents in the city, such as the hours for Trick or Treating, or to let the public know that winter parking regulations are in force.

The most recent post for today was to post a picture of all the pizza boxes as thanks for the food for the election workers.

Election worker, Donna Nuszbaum Bachowski commented, “It was delicious!! Thank you! Nice surprise!”

One Town Clerk, Jeannie Welsh, from the Town of Brooklyn in Green County, Wisconsin wrote to Dustin mentioning how great the support has been during this election, “…the Town of Brooklyn has such an awesome group of election officials that they each bring a dish to pass when they come to work! We have such a beautiful buffet to fill our bellies, you can’t even imagine! As a matter of fact, many of our election officials agree to work just to come for the food :)”

She goes on to say, “As clerk, I am so fortunate to have such a great bunch of people to work with and support our community during elections.

Today’s midterm elections is the turning point where things will start to slow down for municipal clerk and residents alike. Gone will be the political robocalls and surveys. The political ads on TV will suddenly cease. All will be quiet again. Today’s #ElectionDayPizza is a reprieve from the political frenzy of late and is the prequel to the upcoming home-cooked meals that await in a couple weeks. Today it was pizza. Tomorrow it will be turkey, cranberries and sweet potato casserole with family for Thanksgiving.