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The story of Facebook, elections, and how it all relates to free donuts

I thought I’d tell a quick and interesting story about Facebook, the Primary Elections that happened this week in Vermont and Wisconsin (where we have municipal customers who were having primary election) and Donuts 🍩 — and how it’s all related.

On the morning of Election Tuesday in August 2018, I made a post to our Facebook page to see if any municipal customers that were busy with elections would like to have free donuts delivered to them. facebook post about free donuts during election

We did have an attentive town clerk, Connie at the Town of Fulton in Rock County, Wisconsin, who saw the post early in the morning and thought it would be a great idea for her election workers to get some sweet treats.

I called up the local Piggy Wiggly grocery store in Edgerton, Wisconsin and was transferred to the store manager who was happy to make a delivery in person. He said he needed to stop by the Town of Fulton anyhow to vote, so it all worked out! A short time later the goodies were delivered to give the election workers a needed sugar boost. 🍪

The moral of the story is to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE here:, because you just might get an opportunity for some donuts 🍩

Dustin Overbeck, President
Town Web

P.S. If your community already has a Facebook page, I wanted to let you know that our software TownCMS v5 can integrate with it. Whenever you post a News & Notice from your website it can also be automatically posted to your Facebook wall. If you’d like this to be set up for you, email me a link to your municipality’s Facebook page. My team and I can get it connected to you. This yet another one of our free features that we’ve developed for our TownCMS v5 customers.