SSL is Now Enabled on all TownCMS v5 Websites

I am happy to announce that SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is now enabled on sites which are running the TownCMS v5 platform. This means your site is more secure. You also get a preferred ranking on Google for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) versus sites that do not have SSL enabled.

When you log into the Dashboard you might see an error message of “Not a valid website”. This is because you have to physically type in https:// along with your website address. But don’t worry about remembering this for too long, because we will have it encoded next week.

missing https in the URL

Here is the temporary fix in order to make sure you do not have problems logging into the Dashboard. Just make sure to add the prefix “HTTPS://” to the website address as shown in the below image.

Dashboard showing HTTPS entered

According to a Security Blog post by Google in February 2018, they stated that the Chrome browser would start marking all HTTP sites as “non secure”. And by September 2018, the word “Secure” that shows next to the green lock would actually go away. Google expects all websites to be SSL/HTTPS enabled and that will be the norm according to the latest post by Chrome’s Security Team in May 2018.

To get a full update from Dustin regarding the update to SSL, you can watch the video here.